The ciecplib python client provides a functions and command-line utilities to authenticate against SAML/ECP endpoints, and retrieve URLs from behind that authentication.


$ python -m pip install ciecplib

Supported python versions: 3.5+.

Default pip install doesn’t include Kerberos Auth support

By default pip install ciecplib does not bundle Kerberos auth support that is optional as of requests-ecp 0.3.0.

The ciecplib[kerberos] extra can be used to automatically install requests-ecp[kerberos]:

python -m pip install ciecplib[kerberos]

This does not ensure that a working version of the underlying GSSAPI is installed (e.g, via MIT Kerberos). If you need Kerberos auth, and need to install GSSAPI itself on your system, it is recommended that you use Conda to install `ciecplib`.

User documentation

ciecplib Package


get(url, **kwargs)

Send a GET request using ECP authentication.

get_cert([endpoint, hours, username, ...])

Create an X.509 credential using SAML/ECP.

get_cookie(url[, endpoint, username, ...])

Create a SAML/ECP session cookie valid for the given URL

head(url, **kwargs)

Send a HEAD request using ECP authentication.

post(url, **kwargs)

Send a POST request using ECP authentication.


Session([idp, kerberos, username, password, ...])

requests.Session with default ECP auth and pre-populated cookies


Command-line scripts

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